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FED lenses                   FED cameras

If the FED/Leica rangefinder cameras had fixed lenses I would not be interested in them.
The advantage of these tiny mechanical wonders is that they can take a wide range of Leica Threat Mount lenses, so if the image is not suitable for the 50mm standard lens you simply swap lenses.
This might sound good in theory, but in practise I have noted it is not that easy.  Firstly, you need to make sure the exposed shutter cloth doesn't get to much light on it.  The darker the place to change lenses the better.
Also, the lenses should be tested with the camera's rangefinder to make sure they are in sync.

So far I have only used the Jupiter 12 and Jupiter 9 lenses and a few standard lenses.

Jupiter 8 (f/2/50)

Jupiter 9 (f/2/85)

Jupiter 12 (f/2.8/35)


This page was created 1st October 2004.