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FED cameras

After the success of my first FED 1 I decided that I would like an earlier FED 1 without the bell shaped flange on the shutter button.
This meant I would lose the hole for the cable release (which I do use), but I thought this version of the FED 1 looked better.
I was able to purchase on online from Russia.

The earlier model FED 1 arrives: FED 1f - Serial number 2594xx - Weight: Approx. 419 gms (without spool and lens)
Earlier FED 1  Cool!! Older FED 1
(Click image for a larger photo)

In late March 2004 my FED 1f arrived from Pskov in the Russian Federation.  This one was made in about 1951.
The top of the camera bares "FED factory named after F.E.Dzerzhinsky" in a Cyrillic engraving.

ФЭДзерж кинского

The shutter speeds are slightly different to the FED 1g.  On this 1f they are Z (same as B), 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500.
The lens apertures on the collapsible 50 mm lens are from f/3.5 to 16 (3.4, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16).
I loaded a test film and set about taking photos.

The results were bad...  Very bad.
Photo with holes
Most of the photos were out of focus and had light leaks showing up as white blobs.
I had read on the web about holes in old shutter curtains and decided to investigate.

Holes in curtain
Removing the body shell from the camera I was able to clearly see holes in the closing curtain.
I patched them with black silicon.  I'm now waiting to test this camera again.

In a way I was pleased to come across such a bad example of a FED.  I had read that some people thought they were junk and if they had ones similar to this I could understand their reasoning.  I should add, that despite one shutter having holes the speeds were accurate with no banding.  I decided that I should check the shutter curtains before loading film on future FED purchases.

Internally this FED 1's frame appears to be pressed brass. The film plane is grooved.
Note the cam on the rangefinder arm, which looks like a Zorki shaped one..

Neat little case too.

I decided the ultimate FED 1 to own would be an old NKVD.  I frequently checked sales online...

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This page was created Friday 22nd October 2004