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PENTACON six TL disassembly - Part 3

Please Note:  The PENTACON six TL can be a rather delicate piece of precision mechanics.  If you are not comfortable with attempting to take one apart for repair/maintenance please take it to a repair centre.  These pages are to be used as a guide only.  I will not be responsible for any damage caused to cameras due poor workmanship.

Wind the frame counter around to reveal the last screw holding the top plate on and unscrew it.   

Remove the top plate whilst holding the frame counter in place.

Remove the spring clip.

This will give you enough access to get to the shutter curtain timing adjusters.

If you want to remove the chassis from the body, continue.

Turn the camera over and lift the corner of the leatherette on the front section.
(This is the section with "MADE IN G.D.R." written on it) This will reveal a screw that needs to be removed.  

There is another screw on the other side that needs to be removed.

Next, lift the knobs that hold the film spools.

Then removed the whole plate.

Open the film door to reveal 2 more screws.

Unscrew these...

... then remove the whole plate.


This page was created on Wednesday 14th January 2004