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Making a blade. 
Setting the width
Next the blade should be trimmed up to the dimensions required (in this example 22 mm to 31 mm).
I usually spray primer on the blade, then mark a line from 22 mm (45 mm in) to 31 mm (73 cm in).
Close up of spine

After that had been trimmed, mark a line about 2 mm from the back and another line in the centre of the spine.  Grind from one line to the other to make 1/2 the mune. Note the clam shell shape of the cutting edge.

Other side

Next mark out the line 2 mm from the back on the other side and grind to finish the mune.

Marking the kissaki
Next mark out the kissaki and grind off the excess material.
More marking

Place a line about 1/3 of the way from the back (about 7.5 mm in this example) and mark a line that follows the curve of the kissaki.

Finished half of kissaki

Grind to the line and down to the dull cutting edge to form 1/2 of the kissaki.

This page was updated Wednesday 15th January 2003