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Ford EB II Fairmont
Day two.  Friday 29th March 2002 - The Fairmont started fine and ran smoothly.  I figured it had dried out a little.  I lifted the bonnet to see if I could fix the problem with the coolant low warning light.  I decided to disconnect the coolant level sensor and discovered that it was already disconnected!!  I connected it and the coolant low light went out.  One problem fixed.

Next I went to visit some friends.  The car behaved going to their house.  I stopped the engine, got out of the car, then everyone got in and the car wouldn't start, it was as if the battery was disconnected.  Not being familiar with how SMARTLOCK worked I got out of the car and locked the doors manually and waited for the car to come good again.  After a couple of minutes I heard the central locking make a noise then I could unlock the car and start the engine.  As I drove off the "Check ABS" light flashed again and the car shuddered in sync with the flashes.  I pulled over and stopped the engine.  Once again it wouldn't start.  Once again I had to lock my passengers in the car and wait...  Finally it appeared to reset and everything worked fine for the rest of the jouney.  I replaced the main interior light bulb.

That afternoon I decided to check the wiring to the ABS sensors.  I examined underneath the car and jiggled some ABS connectors.  I also noticed that one of the battery connections wasn't very tight so I tightened it thinking it may be sending various voltage levels to SMARTLOCK and the Engine Management System confusing it.

Later that afternoon the car ran faultlessly.
That night I realised that the speedometer backlight was't working and that low beam didn't work on LHS headlight.  The main interior light bulb had blown, lasting less than 12 hours.

Saturday 30th March 2002 - With the car on level ground for the first time since I'd owned it I checked the oil.  The level was perfect.  I was a bit concerned that the radiator reservior contained only water so I ran the engine with some radiator flush, following the instructions, then drained the radiator.  I was pleased to see that the water was fairly clean with no huge flakes of rust or anything nasty.  I then refilled the radiator with clean water and inhibitor to the filling line on the reservoir.

(Click for a larger image)

I went to my brother-in-law's place and let him have a drive.  He'd owned an ED Falcon, which was very similar.  He said my EB II was ok and advised me to check the front tyres and brake pads regularly as well as oil and coolant.  He suggested that I try "reprogramming" the remote keypad, so that night I followed the instrctions in the workshop manual and no one was more surprised than me when it actually worked.  I was very pleased.

Sunday 31st  March 2002 - I replaced the blown LHS headlight bulb.
Wednesday 3rd April 2002 - I removed the instrument cluster and replaced the blown bulb behind the speedometer.  The instruments are made by VDO.

Instrument cluster

I also replaced the windscreen wiper blades and painted the wiper arms.

Sunday 7th April 2002 - I decided to see if I could fix the passenger door lock so that the key could operate it.  Taking the door trim off proved to be quite a task, even following the steps in the workshop manual.  I probably spent about 20 minutes working on removing the snipper button before it could finally be removed.  After that removing the trim and door handle was relatively easy.  Later I removed the lock cylinder.


Examining the lock I could see something inside the lock barrel but I couldn't extract it.  There was a small pin securing the plastic latch to the lock.  I removed the pin with a paperclip and dismantled the lock.  Inside was the end of a small branch, similar in diameter to the SMARTLOCK key and about 1 cm long.  I removed it and assembled the lock.  The key could now be fully inserted and it operated the lock.
That night I let a friend drive the EB II.  He had driven one as a company car so I wanted to hear his opinon of mine.
Returning to his home with him at the wheel, he said that it seemed like a good car.  He then applied the handbrake and "bang".  Something somewhere gave way.  The handbrake didn't work anymore.

Monday 8th April 2002 - I inspected underneath the car to see if I could find the problem with the handbrake.  After a short while I found that one of the outer cables had come off a mounting bracket.  I loosened the cable then repositioned it and altered the clip so that it held the outer cable firmly.  Then I tightened the cable and tested the handbrake.  It worked fine.  I was happy that I didn't need to buy a new brake cable.
Thursday 11th April 2002 - I removed the instrument cluster again in the hope of repairing the odometer.  I ran out of time and didn't have the right tools to totally dismantle the speedometer.
Saturday 13th April 2002 - Replaced a blown brake light bulb. 
Thursday 18th April 2002 - Replaced the bulb that illuminates the positions on the automatic transmission T-bar.
Sunday 28th April 2002 - Tried to improve the panel fit between the front bumper on the RHS.  After working on it for a while I improved it a bit, but more work is needed to get it better.
Thursday 2nd May 2002 - Went to start the engine and just got a clicking solenoid noise and the headlights flashed.  Suspect it was a flat battery so bought a replacement battery ($105) with 2 year warranty.

Updated 3rd May 2002