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Ford EB II Fairmont
So far the Fairmont has been running fine, so I haven't updated these pages.

Recently however there have been a few upgrades so I figured it was worth mentioning them.

Thursday 23rd January 2003 - Not knowing the last time the automatic transmission was serviced I decided to do it myself. The parts were easy enough to get.  The gasket and filter cost $45 and it was about $25 for the oil.Parts

Removing the oil pan prooved a bit messy, but it wasn't too bad.Automatic transmission

Saturday 25th January 2003 - I purchased some lowered springs and decided to fit them.

Standard height This photo shows the Fairmont with the standard springs fitted.

After a bit of fiddling I removed the standard red rear springs.  All I had to do was replace them with the shiny new yellow ones.

Rear springs

After a while I had replaced the rear springs, next was the front.  I was surprised that the front actually seemed easier to replace than the rear.

Front suspension

After more hours than I'd care to mention I had a (slightly) lowered EB2.


I quite prefer the slightly lower look. 

Lowered again

Sunday 2nd February 2003 - I installed an air intake from an XH.

EB2 and XH air intakes The XH intake (seen on the right) has a better air flow than the EB2 intake (left).

Fitting the intake required cutting off the mounts on the top of the radiator, but this didn't take long and the result looks cleaner than the factory fitted EB2 intake.

Fitted intake

Monday 3rd February 2003 - The front passenger window had been inoperative for a few months now, so I finally decided to fix it.  Turns out it was a dry joint on the power window switch module.

Created 4th February 2003