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Mei of Maekawa Kanetsugu

I purchased this sword from a dealer at a Gun Show in May 2001.  The blade felt very light in the hand and I was stunned to see the "Sho"wa stamp on the tang, as it felt more like a gendaito.

I was unsure of the mei due to heavy pitting.
The usual "Noshu Seki..." was there, then what appeared to be Maekawa.  At that time I had never heard of a 'smith by that name so I figured I was reading it wrong.

Mei - Omote Ura

One day I noticed the mei of a sword on ebay.
Maekawa on ebay
It was made by Maekawa Kanetsugu and the signature was very similar to mine.  However the end of the tang was shaped differently and it had a "Seki" stamp as opposed to my "Sho"wa stamp.  Both swords are not dated.

I was very fortunate that the seller had placed a second (large) image of the mei.
Close up of Maekawa on ebay Mei
As you can see the two are very similar and I believe that the unreadable kanji on mine are "Kanetsugu saku"

This page was created 11th November 2002.