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Polishing a blade - Etching. 

Etching a blade
Mix a solution of ferric chloride (available at electronics shops as a PCB etchant) with 3 parts water and apply it to the blade with a tissue paper.  The section between the temperline and the edge should go dark grey making the temperline easy to see.

Polish on blade
Wipe off the etchant and apply a very thin coating of metal polish with anti oxidizing properties to the blade.  This blade has a thin coating of AUTOSOL metal polish.

Blade polished with 2000 grade paper
Wipe off the polish on the lower section of the blade then work from the ridge towards the edge.  Work with just enough pressure to remove the discolouration of the etchant from the temperline to the cutting edge.  If too much pressure is used the matt finish in the hamon will be buffed out and you will need to repeat the etch again.

Good luck and happy polishing.

This page was created Monday 2nd July 2001