Nihonto books

The problem when I go to Japan is that I always seem to buy too many books.
The weight of a few books adds up to quite a heavy bulk.
This is the extent of my "Nihonto" collection sourced from Japan and locally.
Most of them are in Japanese, a pity I can't read Japanese...

Arms and Armour of the Samurai The Samurai Sword Osafune book Bizentou Swords and fittings

1998 New Sword Catalogue 1999 New Sword Catalogue 2000 New Sword Catalogue 2001 New Sword Catalogue

Nihontou Nodachi Okayama Exhibition The Gassan Tradition Japanese Typical Swords...

100 famous swords Dagger fittings of the Edo period Traditional techniques of making swords Ancient sword exhibition Kokuhou volume 8: Swords

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