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Hoju ‘dachi

This ‘dachi was made by Hoju during the Kamakura era (1185-1333).  

It has a nagasa (cutting edge) of 118.8 cm and sori (curvature) of 5.5 cm.

Hoju ‘dachi

Mei (name): Hoju. 

Location: Musashi Mitake Jinja, Tokyo.

Period: Kamakura (1185-1333).

Sugata (shape): Shinogi-zukuri with horimono.

Hada (grain): Itame, mokume.

Hamon (temper pattern): Choji togari.

This ‘dachi has is wider and thicker than usual.  The curvature is also deeper than usual, making it look quite spectacular.  The line of Hoju began possibly before the Heian era and continued into the Muromachi era. 


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