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Kanemitsu ‘dachi

This ‘dachi was made by Kanemitsu of Osafune in December 1359.  

It has a nagasa (cutting edge) of 93.2 cm and sori (curvature) of 3.2 cm.

Kanemitsu ‘dachi

Mei (name): Bizenkuni Osafune Kanemitsu. 

Location: Tokyo National Museum.

Period: NambokuchŰ (1359).

Sugata (shape): Shinogi-zukuri, nakazori, nakago is suriage.

Hada (grain): Ko-itame with chikei.

Hamon (temper pattern): Notare, gunome with bright nioi and midare utsuri.

This ‘dachi displays the characteristics that were popular during the NambokuchŰ period.  The blades changed as fighting methods did during this period.  The forging of this ‘dachi is very even with no irregularities.  Kanemitsu proves he was an extraordinary swordsmith.  This ‘dachi was a treasure of the Uesugi family.


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