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Kashiwa Tachi

Also know as Yamagane Tsukuri Kokushitsu Hirumaki dachi

This ‘dachi has no signature and was made during the NambokuchŰ era (1336 - 1392).  

The total length of this ‘dachi in fittings is 194.5 cm.

It has a nagasa (cutting edge) of 136.6 cm and sori (curvature) of 4.6 cm.

The width is 3.8 cm and the thickness is 1.0 cm at the base of the blade.

The tang length is 54.4 cm. 

Kashiwa Tachi

Mei (name): Mumei (unsigned) - Called "Kashiwa Tachi" (Oak sword). 

Location: Futarasan Jinja, Nikko, Tochigi.

Period: NambokuchŰ (1336-1392).

Sugata (shape): Shinogi-zukuri, mitsumune, ubu nakago .

Hada (grain): O-itame.

Hamon (temper pattern): Suguha, ko-midare, ko-gunome, ko-choji with ashi and yo.

This ‘dachi also has fittings.  The saya (scabbard) is coated in black lacquer and has two hanger mounts. The tsuka (hilt) and saya are wrapped with thin leather in opposite directions.  This ‘dachi was popular in the NambokuchŰ era.

Futarasan Jinja (dated to 1617) holds a festival on the 17th April every year in which this ‘dachi is displayed.


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