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Unsho ‘dachi

This ‘dachi was made by Unsho during the Kamakura era (1182 - 1333).  

It has a nagasa (cutting edge) of 92.1 cm and sori (curvature) of 3.5 cm.

Unsho ‘dachi

Unsho ‘dachi

Mei (name): Unsho. 

Location: Shiogama Jinja, Miyagi.

Period: Kamakura (1182 - 1333).

Sugata (shape): Shinogi-zukuri, mitsumune, ubu nakago .

Hada (grain): Mokume on itame with chikei.

Hamon (temper pattern): wide suguha, maru boshi.

This ‘dachi is actually listed as a Tachi at Shiogama Jinja, but I have included here as it is over 91cm.  This sword is believed to be the first from the swordsmith Unsho and the tang is still in original condition.


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