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Making a blade. 
I have found that I can remove material relatively fast if I angle the grinder at about 80 degrees. Grind from the edge towards the line.  

Still grinding

As I get closer the the desired finish I the grind flat.  Grind down about 3.7 mm so that when the edge is completed it will be blunt.
Sanding the edge
I finish off lightly sanding with a belt sander.  Remove the stock so that you end up with a slighly curved surface for the wall of the edge. 

One face cut out

At this stage don't worry about the tang, just make sure the grinding of the edge is smooth and follows the line closely.

Second side marked out
Now mark out the 22 mm to 22 mm line on the other side.

After grinding this side down to a depth at the edge of about 3.7 mm you should have a blunt edge with a flat of a 0.6 mm (or around 1 mm) this will reduce the risk of the blade cracking during heat treatment.

This page was updated Wednesday 15th January 2003