Ride to Melbourne (Day 6 - Tuesday 18th August '98) 

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We got up at about 8:00am to see that the whole area was in fog.  Slowly, as the fog cleared, a blue sky appeared.
We walked down the hill from the Camping Ground to the Glen Davis Hotel, only to find that there was still no one there.  We walked around taking photos of the ruins.

Glen Davis Hotel
Ruins at Glen Davis Ruins at Glen DavisRuins at Glen Davis Shop ruin at Glen Davis

The weather was glorious and I figured the longer we spent looking around the drier the dirt roads would become.
I was disappointed that we couldn't see the refinery ruins, so I decided to see if we could view them from the escarpment at the back of  the town.  After a lot of getting nowhere I decided to head back to the bikes and leave.
Back at the Camping Ground the BMW wouldn't start, so I attempted a roll start in the hope that the mud had dried out enough to get good traction.  I let the clutch out and the BMW thundered to life.
We left Glen Davis, a bit disappointed, and headed for Capertee.  The gravel and dirt road was quite dry so I was pleased.  The occasional corrugations in the road proved too much for one of the rear indications on the GPz 550 and it snapped off at it's mount, leaving nothing but the wires to hold it on.

Broken indicator on GPz

I tied the indicator on to Junko's baggage and we continued  to a short section of sealed road.  This was short lived and the road soon reverted back to gravel and dirt.  There were a few sections with a bit of mud but it was fairly dry and provided good traction.  I was just starting to feel comfortable when we came across a huge section of slippery mud.

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Finally we reached sealed road at Capertee and rode through Ben Bullen and Cullen Bullen to arrive at Lithgow at about 2:00pm.  We had lunch and looked around the Blast Furnace ruins.

Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow

We left Lithgow at about 3:30 and arrived at Katoomba at about 5:00.  I noticed that the broken GPz indicator had completely gone but it was useless to look for it, as there was just enough daylight left to get a photo of the Three Sisters before the sun went down.

The Three Sisters, Katoomba

With fading light we left Katoomba and rode down towards Sydney, leaving the beauty of the Blue Mountains behind us.  Flashes of lightning could be seen over Sydney.  At Campbelltown we turned on to the South Western Freeway and had only travelled a few metres when it started to rain.  We stopped under a bridge and put on our wet weather gear for the first time that day.  We finally arrived at my friend's place in Mittagong at about 8:30pm in the rain.  Fortunately inside their house was dry and warm.

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