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Making a blade. 
Other side
Turn the blade over and repeat the process.

Now the kissaki is almost finished.  Don't worry at this stage if it isn't perfect as you can shape it better after heat treatment.

Then mark out the shinogi (ridge) with a line.  On this example it's 7.5 mm at the yokote and 11 mm further down the blade (73 cm) from the tip.
Ground out shinogi-ji

Grind the shinogi-ji (face between ridge and spine) down so that the widest point of the blade will be the shinogi.
Don't worry about grinding the shinogi-ji down to the tang too far.  The tang will be shaped later.

Finish the shinogi-ji at the kissaki by raising the grinder as you approach the kissaki.  This gives the blade a more traditional look.

This page was updated Thursday 16th January 2003