Ride to Melbourne (Day 8 - Thursday 20th August '98) 

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We got up at about 7:00am to a beautiful clear blue sky had breakfast, packed up and left the park at about 9:20am after jump starting the BMW. (Odometer reading 24971 kms)
As we left Batemans Bay and headed south it was obvious this area had had a lot of rainfall too.  As we neared Moruya we saw several paddocks under water.

Flooded paddocks near Moruya View near Moruya

We continued through Moruya to Bodalla, where we were disappointed to find that The Big Cheese was closed.  However the All Saints Anglican Church was a nice piece of stone architecture and pleasing to look at.

All Saints Anglican Church

We continued on through Narooma, then left the Princes Highway to look around Central Tilba.  We arrived at about 12:45pm and the sky was starting to cloud up.

Central Tilba General Store Central Tilba

From Central Tilba we went to Tilba Tilba, then returned to the Princes Highway.  We continued south and arrived in Cobargo at around 1:15pm.  Next stop was Bega.  We arrived at about 2:00pm, had lunch at the cheese factory and left at about 2:30pm..

Cheese factory at Bega

We stopped for petrol at Merrimbula at about 3:00pm, then went through Eden and on to Boydtown, the site where Ben Boyd started to build a township in 1843.  Unfortunately he went into bankruptcy in 1849 so the town was never completed.  The almost finished hotel was restored in the 1980s and is now know at the Sea Horse Inn.  The church there was never completed.

Sea Horse Inn at Boydtown
Sea Horse Inn at Boydtown Church ruin at Boydtown

We left Boydtown after 5:00pm and crossed the border arriving at Genoa at about 5:50pm, just as the sun set.  I decided to keep going so we rode on in the cold to Cann River.  We arrived at about 6:40pm and booked in at the Caravan Park.  Junko took me into the town on the GPz where we had a choice of eating at the hotel or the petrol station.  I decided to have dinner at the petrol station.  After ordering we sat down and waited for our meals, a few minutes later we were in darkness.  The power had gone out.  I looked out of the window into total darkness, the whole town was out.  I was reasonably confident that the petrol station would have a generator, so I sat and waited.  Sure enough about a minute later the diesel generator rumbled into life and the lights flickered on and off a few times before they stayed on.  I looked out the window again.  The rest of the town was still in darkness, including the hotel.  It looked like I made the right decision to eat at the petrol station.
After dinner we went back to the Caravan Park which was in darkness, except for a hurricane lantern in the amenities block.

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